Dr Puneet Gupta is constantly seeking Knowledge. He has attended numerous training programs in India to learn about areas of interest. He is also constantly seeking knowledge through Online mode.

Workshop for Editors : A Journal Editor’s Tool Kit 1st October, 2015 New Delhi
Relevance of Diagnosis 22nd August, 2015 Indore
Workshop on Biostatistics and Research Methodology for Dental Professionals 17th to 19th August, 2015 Indore
Workshop on Research Planning 10th October, 2014 Indore
Cochrane Health Economics Workshop 27th – 28th September, 2014 Hyderabad
Methods for Cochrane DTA Reviews Workshop 22nd September, 2014 Hyderabad
Pitfalls in Managing Pit and Fissure Defects 14th June, 2014 Indore
Clinical Guide to Solve Common Errors in Endodontics 9th February, 2014 Indore
Data Analysis, Visualization and Communication with Microsoft Excel and Tableau Software 23rd October, 2013 Vellore
Data to Action : Building Blocks of Tobacco Control Research 9th to 10th September, 2013. New Delhi
Uncovering Patterns in Complex Data Structures 14th to 16th February, 2012 Hyderabad
Future of Dental Imaging 13th December, 2011 Indore
Ill Effects of Tobacco Use, Laws & WHO FCTC 28th August, 2011 Indore
Multiple Linear Regression, Logistic Regression and Survival Analysis 30th May to 3rd June 2011 Vellore
Clinical Trial and Meta Analysis 23rd to 27th May, 2011 Vellore
Research : Learning and Appraisal 21st to 22nd January, 2011 Vadodara
DCI Workshop on Training of Professionals for National Survey 18th January, 2011 Bhopal
Workshop on Research Methodology 17th to 18th September, 2010 Indore
Training Technology for Health Professionals 10th to 14th May, 2010 New Delhi
Research Methodology for Dental Professionals 24th to 25th August, 2009 Mullana
Oral Hygiene and New Heart Doctor – Periodontist 1st August, 2009 Faridabad
Essentials of Research Methodolgy and Bio statistics 24th July, 2009 Mathura
Mentor Guided Oral Rehabilitation with Dental Implants 6th July, 2009 Faridabad
Occupational Stress in Dental Practice Management and Successful Dental Practice Management 2nd May, 2009 Faridabad
SPSS Foundation course for Beginners 1st to 2nd April, 2009 Jhansi
Problem Solving in Endodontics 29th March, 2009 Noida
Comprehensive Oral Rehabilitation Strategies – PEP Talk 22nd March, 2009 New Delhi
Introduction to Diagnostic accuracy Meta Analysis 12th January, 2009 Vellore
Cochrane Systematic Review Protocol Development 7th to 10th January, 2009 Vellore
Introduction to Evidence Informed Health Care 7th January, 2009 Vellore
Instrument Development 27th to 29th November, 2008 Vellore
Qualitative Research and Analysis 24th to 26th November Vellore
Workshop on Medical Informatics and CME on Bio Medical Communication 20th to 22nd November, 2008 Wardha
Design, Conduct and Analysis of Cluster Randomized Trials 6th November, 2008 Nainital
Project Writing and Project Evaluation 10th to 14th December, 2007 Mumbai
Statistical Techniques in Clinical Research – Recent Advances 29th November 2007 Manipal
Clinical Research and Clinical Data Management 19th to 25th November, 2007 Belgaum
Digital Photography 23rd September, 2007 Mumbai
Statistical Methods in Medical Research and Introduction to SPSS 14th to 15th July, 2007 Bangalore
Know What and Know How of Journal Club and Critical Evaluation 30th June, 2007 Davangere
Approaches to Community Oral Health Problems 19th January, 2007 Bangalore
Working Together for Health – For Better Oral Health 7th April, 2006 Belgaum
Statistical Methods in Biomedical Research 19th January, 2006 Belgaum
Restorative Workshop 19th July, 2004 Rishikesh
Basic Life Support and Advanced Life Support 27th June, 2003 Mangalore